What apart us from success are noises we take as information

We reach our interiority when we look for contact with our essence. It means muting the outer world. Even though there still noises around us, it is a big mistake to recognize every noise as valid information source or at least as worthy of absorption.

The job of filtering what we want for our innermost and let it come through our mind is individual. It has always been and will always be.

Despite the fact that are more information than we can handle its our intelectual job not only to filter it. Which is very passive. Our job is about searching or even hunting the kind of information that comes to satiate or at least give a light on our most deep questions. While searching for it, new interests and curiosities will show up, what is totally normal. However, without this process of seeking for the right information the self knowledge process gets faded. What happens next is a a endless search for quantity of information and not in quality.

Our inquires and questionings are like the hungriness we feel. We can kill hunger with almost any kind of food that meets a minimum nutritional demand and the better the taste the more pleasure we feel at it. Thereby we tend to maximize the pleasure by exceeding the amount of food we have. Even if we are already satisfied. And it goes further, the same way food can be toxic the information can also be as they echo inside our mind and bring devastating results to our conceptions and actions.

In this sense, our mind take every input of information as something welcome at the first glance. Is like that good feeling we have when eating a lot of greasy food. The danger with greasy food is that it gets installed in our body messing up with our metabolism, changing our shape, making us heavier and less capable physically. This is the same scenario for useless information or the noises we take as information which apart us from the answer we are looking for. And even worse: it brings us a useless load of knowledge that the only “value” is to parrot it around as this knowledge was builded through our truly and singular point of view. Like this was actually builded on top of a solid perception of world.

Said that, is up to us, pioneers in a society that moves loads of information as never seen before hunt, seek, search through this mess of information and noise. In order to find that piece of rich information which takes our breath away just to think how it could level up our knowledge. Is that knowledge that kills our hunger and brings a special brightness to life. This bright then reflect on people around us who we will eventually share our discoveries.

What apart us from success are noises we’ve taken as information.

I breath, I eat, I love and I code.